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Are you in need of a custom machined or molded component?
Our design & engineering experts can assist you through the entire process utilizing our Rapid Prototyping Technology and partnership with Konsep Manufacturing.
Our combined capabilities are sure to meet and exceed your needs!

We have over 100 profiles available and an extensive inventory of various materials to chose from. A detailed rendering & quotation will be provided prior to fabrication to ensure your satisfaction.

Use these charts to determine the closest profile match and to select your material(s). If your project requires a material not listed, we will make alternative suggestions or order the preferred material.
Please enter the profile in the "Additional Specifications" portion of the form below.

Please Contact Us Directly  for ordering & component questions, comments or suggestions.
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We prefer actual gland dimensions when possible for maximum accuracy. If gland dimensions are not supplied, we will manufacture your component to the nominal part dimensions, which is solely dependent upon your accuracy.